Six Cylinder Samurai

  • Six Cylinder Samurai
  • Six Cylinder Samurai
  • Six Cylinder Samurai
Genre Action Adventure Comedy
Target Audience 6 to 11 years
Format 52 x 11’
Animation Style 2D


The distant future. Earth is under the rule of ruthless land barons. The barons and their cohorts live lives of luxury in the clouds, the masses live on an Earth covered in junk. But a hero has emerged: a cobbledtogether samurai robot with the brain of a 21st century teenager, and powered by a ’53 Corvette racing engine. His partner: the disembodied head of a brilliant young scientist with a packrat mentality.

CHEVVY’s a robot, a car, a samurai, and a wiseass TEENAGER!

KENNY TESLA is the self appointed protector of his junk covered realm, a brilliant young scientist who is nothing but a head. The Southwest Baron took Kenny’s body when he refused to pay his taxes, but he’s not gonna let that stop him from fighting back!

Together, they’ll join with young human KATE HILLS, NINA the NINJA MOTORCYCLE, and a cast of others to fight the evil SOUTHWEST BARON and his android SHERIFF!


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