American Golem

  • American Golem
Genre Adventure Comedy
Target Audience 6 to 11 years
Format 26 x 22'
Animation Style 2D flash animation


One day a kid arrives in America. Is America a scary place, like the Old Country? He thinks so and makes an Old Country monster, a golem, to protect him from the New World dangers.

But when he finds out that there are more friends to be made than people to be feared, his knows golem will become useless, unless he finds him a new purpose...Helping others!

American Golem is a unique educational children’s series that incorporates teamwork and problem solving with the importance of culture and heritage. Taken from Jewish folklore, the golem & his best friend travel America’s countryside finding adventure and learning valuable lessons

Story Style

The series narrates the adventures of a kid and the giant monster he created, their attempts to find the creature a purpose, and the people they help on the way.