Baby Bheem

  • Baby Bheem
Genre Adventure Comedy
Target Audience 2 - 8 Universal (little dialogue)
Format 40 x 5’
Animation Style 2D flash animation


Green Gold's hit series Chhota Bheem is a phenomenon in India and beyond, and it’s titular hero Bheem is one of India’s most beloved characters. Now we return to young Bheem’s even younger self with the wild adventures of Baby Bheem!

Little Babby Bheem is a kind and compassionate baby. But when curiosity or the sweet smell of ladoos pull him from his crib, he finds himself on a series of delightful misadventures. Traveling across Dholakpur and beyond in search of his favorite treat, Baby Bheem helps his little animal friends, inadvertently foils the plots of Daku Mangal Singh, and of course, competes with his age old nemesis, Baby Kalia!