I am No. 1

  • I am No. 1
Genre Slapstick Comedy
Target Audience 4 to 9 years
Format 20 x 7’
Animation Style 2D


In THE JUNGLE, there’s only one king, and that king is LORO THE LION. In the jungle, there’s only one king, and that king is TIP THE TIGER.

Well the truth is that they were both the king of the jungle, before they found out the other existed. Now the title they each thought was rightfully theirs is up for grabs.

They’re both charismatic titans of the Jungle world with awards and trophies in every conceivable enterprise, and neither of them can ever seem to let the other go without competing at something. It makes life difficult for those around them, especially their assistants, CHITTI THE CHEETAH and LEN THE LEOPARD.

Whether it’s jumping out of a balloon in low earth orbit, competing on who can get the shiniest, most pimped out private lear jet, getting the most crushed papers into a garbage can, or napping the longest, Loro and Tip turn pretty much everything into a competition. And the world of the jungle has to stop and see who will be number one!