Little Heroes

  • Little Heroes
Genre Adventure Comedy
Target Audience 6 to 11 years
Format 52 x 11’
Animation Style 2D


When ROCKY, ALISHA, and SUNNY go looking for a place to play soccer, they accidentally fall down a hole that goes miles into the earth! The kids find themselves in the land of Bugaramba, a fantastic world of wonder and adventure populated by dwarves, sea peoples, rock monsters and more!

Rocky is the adventurous one: confident, charismatic, the natural leader of the group. Alisha is his headstrong foil, always arguing but also ready to go along to pull Rocky out of trouble. And Sunny is their gangly preteen sidekick: klutzy, hungry, and up for a good time, so long as there’s nothing scary. They never stop competing, they’re always arguing, and they’re best friends forever.

With the help of TINBUN, a grumpy loner dwarf, and his doggun ZUNGU, the kids learn about the world around them and start trying to find a way back.

Every day they go on amazing journeys to find the overground and with every new city they find, they don’t just learn new clues about how to get home, they learn new things about the people around them... and about themselves!