The Templars Portal

  • The Templars Portal
Genre Adventure Comedy
Target Audience 6 to 11 years
Format 26 x 22’
Animation Style 2D


FRANCE the end of the 19th century. A ship from a faraway land arrives one night in the Port of BORDEAUX. MALVERAS, a mysterious passenger, disembarks with just one small chest.

Just a few months later, Malveras is the talk of the town, becoming immensely rich and suddenly acquiring large chunks of the city and many of the surrounding wineries. Nobody knows how he did it. While he exudes charm and a debonair attitude, he shows no remorse throwing people out of their ancestral lands and turning renowned labels into purveyors of cheap “Piquette”. The more powerful Malveras becomes, the more the city suffers. He seems to have it in for the people of Bordeaux!

Pip, an 11 year old orphan, and his 14 year old sister, LOLA, were also on the ship that night, and they had their own strange experience with Malveras and his chest. Once on dry land and after they realize Malveras is slowly taking over the city, they manage to sneak into his lab and discover his secret: Malveras has somehow turned a street tram into a time machine!

Pip and Lola discretely hop on board and find that Malveras is making his fortune by slowly pillaging from the past. What makes things even worse is that every time Malveras tampers with the past, he ends up changing something in the future!

Pip and Lola steal the tram, and resolve to follow Malveras on each of his devious travels to bungle his plans, fix his messes, and try to find a permanent way to stop him, once and for all, from his troublemaking time travel!

Our heroes make friends with the people they meet along the way (including an updated Knights Templar called the Fusiliers Templar) and whom they work with to prevent Malveras’ evil doings!