Wold Balloon Girl

  • World Ballon Girl
Genre Offbeat Superhero Adventure
Target Audience 6 to Adulthood
Format 26 x 22’
Animation Style 2D or 3D


“Villain of the week” episodes interrupted by one minute silent gags, fake commercials and advice about makeup and social cues for preteens dealing with parents.


FAREWELL, MICHIGAN. DAWN DUSKY, a 12 year old girl with crippling social anxiety, spends all of her days and most of her nights devouring comics hidden in the ginormous warehouse behind the comic book printing facility where her dad works.

One night, while she is dozing off in the warehouse, the chemical plant next door explodes. Billions of bits and pieces of glowing green pulverized comic book pages are projected in the air, covering Dawn’s unconscious body.

When Dawn wakes up in the hospital, she discovers that her father has disappeared! She also notices that something has changed within her. The toxic gas mixed to the aerosolized comic books have altered her molecular structure to be stronger and faster. But more crazily, her words, thoughts and emotions materialize in the form of comic book word balloons above her

Desperate to find her father and right the wrongs done to her family and the town of Farewell, Dawn has now become THE AMAZING WORD BALLOON GIRL!